A Few Celebrity Man Hair styles For Inspiration

Celebrity Man Hair Styles

There are some celebrity man hair styles that some guys can consider trying out. Ranging from the formal to very casual, these are some examples of hairstyles that celebrities are sporting and it wouldn’t hurt for some guys to take their cue from these stylish celebrities.

For those who want a business hairstyle, the celebrity man hair styles to follow are that of Anderson Cooper. This hairstyle is the epitome of a groomed and clean cut look. This is perfect for guys whose work environment demands a formal look. To maintain this hairstyle, a visit to the barber every three to four weeks is essential. For everyday maintenance, one must wash the hair with shampoo everyday and then use a bit of pomade to keep hair in place.

Men Hair Styles is great

Men who want a hairstyle that is just enough to qualify as formal in the office but won’t look out of place when hanging out at a bar; there are some business casual celebrity man hair styles that one can try out. A prime example is that of Hugh Jackman. This hairstyle just needs to be washed every other day, and for styling, one must use hair wax instead of pomade. Visit to the barber is recommended at every four to five weeks.

Hair Styles can be different

A more creative hairstyle can be tried by those who are in a more carefree line of work. The creative hairstyle is characterized by lots of layers and a low-maintenance regimen. Washing can be just at every two days and visiting the barber is done every six to seven weeks. Those who want to try this type of celebrity man hair styles can emulate Robert Downey Jr.